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National Audubon Society

Members of the Audubon For All Union-CWA officially filed for a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election on July 1. Since the workers announced they were organizing their union in March, management of the National Audubon Society has hired a union-busting law firm, denied workers’ request for a rapid election, and refused to agree to neutrality. The majority of Audubon employees have signed cards in support of the union.

In announcing the filing for an NLRB election, Audubon finance associate Shyamlee Patel said, “Delaying an election and slowing down our organizing process will not keep us from winning a union. Refusing an expedited election only serves to perpetuate Audubon’s toxic culture where upper management ignores workers’ voices. It’s the exact reason we are organizing.” Safiya Cathey of the grant accounting department added, “In order to fight for the birds, we need to fight for ourselves, which is why a union is so important.”

Members of Audubon for All-CWA filed for an NLRB election on July 1.