On Monday, Join the Strike for Black Lives

On Monday, July 20th, CWA members will join with other union members at SEIU, the Teamsters, AFT, and community-based organizations to hold a National Strike/Day of Action for Black Lives.

The National Strike/Day of Action is a worker-driven action to demand that bosses and elected officials address the systemic racism that drives economic inequality in this country. We are demanding guaranteed sick pay, affordable health care, strengthened health and safety protections for essential workers, and stronger organizing rights for all workers.

For the Day of Action, we are asking all members and locals to find ways to participate that work best for you. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Hold a socially-distanced picket line at lunchtime or before or after work, with signs declaring "CWA Supports Black Lives" (available for download here) or with your own similar message of support and solidarity. Check with your local union for the plan in your area.
  • If you can't get to your local's main events, stop work at some point during the day and take a selfie or a video holding a CWA sign to show your solidarity using the hashtag #CWAForBlackLives.
  • Wear red as a sign of CWA solidarity with the National Day of Action.