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Nokia Prescription Drug Formulary List Change

November 10, 2021

Recently several retirees have received correspondence from CVS regarding a prescription medication that they are taking, that will no longer be covered under the Nokia prescription drug plan. All of the Prescription Benefits Managers (PBM), including CVS, make adjustments to their prescription drug formulary list. In the case of CVS, and the Nokia prescription drug plan, twenty (20) drugs were removed from the formulary list and four (4) new drugs were added to it.

If you are currently taking a medication that was removed from the formulary list, both you and your doctor would have received a communication regarding the drug(s) that are no longer on the formulary list. Your doctor's communication indicated that he/she can continue to prescribe the prescription medication to you IF the doctor receives PRIOR AUTHORIZATION. In order to obtain that authorization, the doctor must provide documentation of medical necessity to CVS. The doctor can call (855) 240-0536 to request prior authorization. I would encourage anyone who is in this situation, who cannot take the preferred alternative, have the doctor request the prior authorization as soon as possible. You will be responsible for the full cost of the prescription drug if you continue to use it beyond December 31, 2021 and do not have prior authorization.