Nokia Bargaining Report #65

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Company and Union Bargaining Teams met again yesterday, along with CWA Research Economists, to have off the record conversations geared towards further understanding the pension plan, impact of various age/service combinations and to jointly brainstorm ideas to benefit a larger group of Installers.

After these discussions the Company accused the Union of using delay tactics to stall the bargaining process. CWA, in turn, informed the Company that it was their bad faith bargaining, as well as not providing the Union with the data needed to make comprehensive proposals, that was delaying us from having the types of meaningful conversations that would forward the action in us reaching an overall agreement. In the end, both sides agreed to disagree. We are not scheduled to meet again until February.

Make no mistake:  our overall goal remains the same. First and foremost for us is the Union’s desire to keep the Bargaining Unit intact, protect Retiree healthcare and pensions while continuing to be a part of Nokia’s future.

Please check out and join Nokia’s Yammer Field Forces conversation. It is an interesting Blog.

One day longer, one day stronger! An injury to one, is an injury to all! United We Stand!

Your Bargaining Team,

Mary Jo Reilly
Steve Amato
Luis Benitez