Nokia Bargaining Report #64

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Company and Union Bargaining Teams met today to review the Company’s latest Effects Agreement proposal, which would eliminate the entire bargaining unit by June 30, 2020. This proposal came on the heels of the Company and Union having off the record conversations geared towards further understanding the Company’s prior Effects/SVTP Agreement and to jointly brainstorm ideas to benefit a larger group of Installers. These discussions started in December of last year. Needless to say, we expressed our disappointment in what we consider an attempt to undermine the work that we were doing. It remains our goal to achieve an overall Collective Bargaining Agreement that would keep our bargaining unit working for years to come. We are scheduled to meet again tomorrow.

One day longer, one day stronger! An injury to one, is an injury to all! United We Stand!

Your Bargaining Team,

Mary Jo Reilly
Steve Amato
Luis Benitez