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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Company and Union Bargaining Teams met today. The Company informed us today that they have decided to offer the Enhanced Special Voluntary Termination Program (ESVTP) in seventeen (17) base locations. The Company is justifying this action by saying there is a surplus of 122 Installers. This is strictly a voluntary offer with eligibility under the provisions of the existing 2014 Effects Agreement, Paragraph E(5). Let’s be clear:  CWA doesn’t believe that the Company is correct in this action, and we will review our options in the upcoming days.

Now, it is the opinion of the Bargaining Team that the Company is offering this voluntary as a means to try to diminish our strength at the Bargaining Table. While we will not advise Installers if this is the right time/offer for them to take, we will remind you that we are continuing to bargain a comprehensive proposal that will allow those that want to leave no less than the existing ESVTP going forward. In addition, we continue to fight to remain a part of Nokia’s future. Our next bargaining meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, March 13th.

Please continue to mobilize. It is extremely important that the CEO of Nokia, Nokia’s Bargaining Chair, Nokia’s customers and your Legislators know that eliminating good Union jobs and putting Retiree’s benefits at risk is BAD BUSINESS. Also check out and join Nokia’s Yammer Field Forces conversation. In addition, if you encounter quality issues with 3P contractors or you are sent to clean up their mess, please send the information to the bargaining team:

One day longer, one day stronger!  An injury to one is an injury to all!  United we stand!

Your Bargaining Team,

Mary Jo Reilly

Steve Amato

Luis Benitez