Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today the Company and your Bargaining Team met. The Company passed, once again, a proposal on Post-Retirement Medical, Dental and Group Life extending it to the end of calendar year 2021. This is contingent on CWA agreeing to eliminate the bargaining unit, utilizing pension assets and for Union Plaintiff’s to drop their lawsuit against Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) for the theft of $1.2 Billion in pension assets diverted to the management pension plan. If CWA does not accept this generous offer by October 27, 2018 at 11:59 p.m., the Company will withdraw its Post-Retirement proposal.

The Company rejected the Union’s packaged concepts proposal, outlining cost savings and flexibility, while maintaining the current Installation hybrid delivery model. The Company contends that a total 3P model is what is needed to effectively and profitably provide field services to their customers. Apparently Nokia is willing to bet the farm that our high value customers are willingly to risk their network security and getting the job done right on a model that will let anyone who wants to play into their field services deployment. Right First Time – Safe Every Time?!?! If that were true, why does the Company continue to refuse to provide Quality report cards on their vendors, saying “quality is not an issue in these negotiations.”

Just to be clear:  what the Company is offering is to put you out on the street. Your years of service, your experience and your dedication to this Company means nothing. For those that are pension eligible you will be able to collect your pension. If you also happen to be Social Security eligible you can collect that as well. This represents about half of what you currently make and there is no guarantee that you will have healthcare in three years. If you are not service pension eligible – good luck. This is the Company’s version of RESPECT.

We believe that the CEO of Nokia, Nokia’s Bargaining Chair, Nokia’s customers and your Legislators need to know that eliminating good Union jobs and putting Retiree’s benefits at risk is BAD BUSINESS.

Continue using this link to send an online letter to Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri and Nokia Bargaining Chair Steve Muscat, telling them to save American jobs and bargain in good faith! If you would like to write a letter and send it via the USPS their addresses are:

Steve Muscat / Senior Director Americas HR-Labor Relations / Nokia of America Corporation / 600 Mountain Avenue, Room 6C-419 / Murray Hill, NJ 07974

Rajeev Suri / President and Chief Executive Officer / Nokia / Karaporti 3 / Espoo, Finland 02610


An Injury To One, Is An Injury To All!  United We Stand!

Your Bargaining Team,

Mary Jo Reilly

Steve Amato

Luis Benitez