Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Company and your Bargaining Team met today with the Union passing several proposals. The Company has not responded to any of our previous proposals. In addition, the Union is still waiting for responses to information requested from the Company regarding their latest scheme.

Other than the one proposal to eliminate the entire Bargaining Unit by this time next year and to move to third party contractors, the Company has yet to pass another proposal.

The Bargaining Team will be meeting again with the Company tomorrow, provided the Company has responses to the numerous Requests for Information we need to ensure that we have the data necessary to make informed decisions.

As we move forward we will need the Members to step up Mobilization efforts. It is imperative we let the Company know we are not going away.

An Injury To One, Is An Injury To All.

Your Bargaining Team,

Mary Jo Reilly

Luis Benitez

Steve Amato