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NewsGuild-CWA Members Strike at UFCW

Last week, NewsGuild-CWA members employed by the union headquarters for United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) International walked out on strike for the first time in the unit’s history.

The UFCW Guild (NewsGuild-CWA Local 32035) are dedicated union staffers fighting for the rights of workers in meatpacking plants and grocery stores across the country. But now, they are fighting for their own right to a fair union contract.

The UFCW Guild members have built solidarity throughout their unit through lunch-outs and other actions, enabling the workers to speak with one voice last week when the unit voted unanimously to reject management’s “final” contract proposal. Faced with wage proposals that failed to keep up with inflation and inadequate telework options, which contribute to staff turnover, the Guild members waged a one-day strike.

“We’re glad to return to the critical work we do for UFCW members, but if we can’t reach a deal that gives us fair wages, access to sick leave, and a modern telework policy, we’ll be back,” said Tabitha Niemann, unit secretary.

After 12 hours on the picket line, UFCW Guild members took their renewed strength and solidarity back to the bargaining table to press for a fair contract that enables them to serve UFCW union members.

Striking at UFCW 
NewsGuild-CWA Local 32035 members picket outside UFCW headquarters in Washington, D.C.