NewsGuild-CWA Calls for Support of Press Freedom

The NewsGuild-CWA marked World Press Freedom Day today by honoring journalists who put their lives and liberty on the line in search of the truth and calling for support of press freedom.
"This is truly a dangerous time to be a journalist," noted the NewsGuild-CWA in a statement. "As Reporters Without Borders reported last month, hatred of journalism threatens democracies – today even more than it did just a year ago. In the U.S. in 2017, there were 45 physical attacks on journalists, 34 arrests, 15 searches or seizures of equipment, and five border stops of journalists."
The NewsGuild-CWA also called attention to the economic forces that reduce press freedom. "Press freedom cannot thrive when media outlets lack sufficient reporters, photographers, and editors to cover local news in cities and towns across the country."
Read the full statement here.

In an act of defiance, the editorial board of the Denver Post demanded that Alden Global Capital, its extremely profitable hedge-fund owner, invest in the papers it controls or sell them to someone who will.