NewsGuild-CWA and District 2-13 Denounce Racist Management Decisions at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Last week, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Reporter Alexis Johnson posted a tweet deemed controversial by management. Top editors quickly took steps to remove her from covering stories related to the protests in Pittsburgh, citing a social media policy that is not in the union contract. Johnson, who is one of just a few Black journalists at the P-G, was punished for reporting while Black.

Johnson was disciplined without just cause and The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh filed a grievance. It, along with many, many others, is pending against a company determined to fight journalists instead of building a publication accountable to Pittsburgh and the truth.

NewsGuild President Jon Schleuss and District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney issued a statement denouncing the racist management decisions at the Post-Gazette.

"There is only one respectable thing for Post-Gazette managers to do: apologize to Alexis, remove the ban they placed on her coverage, and let talented, dedicated, loyal P-G journalists do their life's work to the benefit of our paper, our readers, our community, and our democracy," Schleuss and Mooney wrote.

Read the full statement here