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New Report: More than 142,000 Jobs Offshored Under Trump

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Last week, Good Jobs Nation released a new report revealing that despite Donald Trump's campaign promises, the offshoring of American jobs by U.S. corporations has increased to record levels on Trump's watch. The report found that since the election, American corporations have shipped more than 142,000 jobs overseas, and that federal contractors are now offshoring jobs three times faster than under President Obama – the highest rate in a decade.

"It's frustrating to know that our taxpayer dollars are supporting their offshoring," said Brandon Kirnec, a CWA member who works at an AT&T call center in Youngstown, Ohio. "It's outrageous that instead of punishing AT&T, Trump's given the company more than $900 million in federal contracts."

"Verizon recently announced that it was closing a call center in Arkansas. In the past six years, they've closed 19 call centers across the country – impacting 11,000 workers," said Latasha French, a CWA member and Verizon call center worker in Irving, Texas. "If Trump truly means what he's said – that he will be the greatest jobs president ever created, that he will be a champion for working people – he needs to start with the federal government."