New Report: Big Corporations Are Engaging in Massive Wage Theft

A new report from Jobs with Justice finds that many large corporations have boosted their profits by forcing employees to work off the clock, cheating them out of required overtime pay, and engaging in similar practices that together are known as wage theft.

The detailed analysis of federal and state court records shows that these corporations have paid out billions of dollars to resolve wage theft lawsuits brought by workers. Walmart tops the list of most-penalized employers, which also includes Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other large banks and insurance companies, as well as major technology and healthcare corporations.

AT&T paid out more than $139 million to resolve wage theft cases, despite being extremely profitable and making $29.5 billion in 2017, while Verizon paid out nearly $39 million, and Digital First Media paid out more than $22 million. 

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