New Report: AT&T Has Cut More Than 10,000 U.S. Jobs Since Congress Passed the GOP Tax Bill

A new report released by CWA this week shows that despite receiving a $20 billion tax break from the Republican corporate tax cut bill, AT&T has eliminated more than 10,700 union jobs in 2018 alone. The company recently announced that they plan to close three more call centers in the Midwest, as well as a call center in Syracuse, N.Y.

AT&T's continued job cuts and CWA's fight for fair contracts have been getting attention on Capitol Hill and in the media. CWA is calling on Congress to investigate how AT&T and other major corporations are spending the enormous tax cut benefits they received from the 2018 tax bill. CWA President Chris Shelton sent a letter in December to Congressman Richard Neal (D-Mass.), Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, urging him to hold hearings on why companies like AT&T are continuing to cut jobs despite the promises they made in order to get the tax bill passed.

"AT&T is breaking its promise to workers, customers, and communities across the country," said CWA District 4 Vice President Linda L. Hinton. "The company pledged to invest in U.S. workers if the tax bill passed, but they've done just the opposite. Companies like AT&T must renew their commitment to working people and the towns that depend on these jobs."