New Mexico Adopts Strong Service Quality and Consumer Protections for CenturyLink

The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission adopted strong service quality and consumer protection rules for CenturyLink on October 31st. CWA members attended the hearing on the rules and CWA provided bad plant photos, playing a major role in the decision. CWA's role is cited in the Order.
The Commission mostly rejected CenturyLink's attempts to water down the Commission's proposed rules (e.g. eliminating the customer service response time requirements), and it also agreed to strengthen some requirements that were proposed by CWA or the other parties. For example, they lowered the trouble report rate from 18% to 12% and added additional data that the Commission is required to collect when customers file complaints.
The NMPRC Order states: "CenturyLink admits that some of the photographs provided by the CWA indicate 'substandard repairs' and 'unacceptable work.' CenturyLink does not explain how lower levels of quality of service regulation will remedy such deficiencies. The Commission finds that robust quality of service regulation is more likely to encourage CenturyLink to maintain and repair its wireline infrastructure."