Minnesota Commerce Department Calls on Frontier Communications to Fix Service Issues

In the wake of public hearings held last year by the Minnesota Public Utility Commission (PUC), the Minnesota Commerce Department issued a new investigative report this week finding that Frontier Communications has failed to provide adequate, reliable phone and internet service to its Minnesota customers.

The Commerce Department's report is a big win for CWAers, who have been raising concerns about Frontier's practices. CWA Local 7270 President Mark Doffing spoke at a MN PUC hearing in October, highlighting how Frontier has left the community behind through a lack of investment in their local workforce. More than 100 CWA members work at Frontier as technicians and in call centers in the southern Minnesota area.

The Commerce Department is recommending that Frontier be required "to refund or credit customers for service outages and unauthorized charges; add staffing to improve customer service; and increase investments in infrastructure and equipment."