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Memorial Day

June 2, 2016

Chris Shelton, president of CWA, released a statement in honor of Memorial Day:

"On Memorial Day, we remember the brave men and women who fought and died to protect our country. These brave Americans deserve our gratitude and our respect every day, just as today's veterans and the families of those who have given their all for this country deserve care, fair treatment and the benefits they have earned."

"Through the years, tens of thousands of CWA members have served and sacrificed, in World War II, Korea and Vietnam to today's conflicts. Hundreds of CWA members also are among those who continue to serve through the military reserves and the National Guard."

"If we truly value our freedoms, we must value those who keep us free. As a veteran, I'm proud that CWA is fighting to make certain that veterans — and all working people — have the opportunity to share in our nation's economic gains and to achieve the American Dream. They deserve no less."

Read the full statement here.