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Maximus Call Center Workers Win Lower Health Care Premiums and Deductibles

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Last week, call center workers at federal contractor Maximus won their campaign for lower health care costs. The sky-high deductible of $4,500 for Maximus’ core plan was cut almost in half, to $2,500, and premiums for several plans were decreased, leaving more money in workers’ paychecks.

This win follows a report released by CWA that clearly shows how the very workers who the federal government trusts to help millions of Americans access affordable healthcare are struggling to afford their own.

Maximus workers, who are organizing with the CWA to win better working conditions and a voice on the job, say there is more to be done. Workers are calling for Maximus to stop campaigning against their union, to end all anti-union portions of new-hire trainings, and to meet with their union organizing committee.