Many Americans Still Don't Have Internet Access — Congress Must Help

An op-ed published this week in The Hill, co-authored by CWA President Chris Shelton and Executive Director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance Angela Siefer, lays out the challenges the nation is facing as the digital divide has been thrown into the spotlight during the pandemic. Shelton and Siefer urge Congress to pass the Moving Forward Act to provide millions of families with an affordable internet connection and ensure that the workers who build and maintain those networks are able to exercise their collective bargaining rights.

"The digital divide isn’t new, but the pandemic makes it an emergency. People's livelihoods and their children’s education should not be held hostage by a broadband provider. Congress must act to transform our nation by ensuring affordable, high-speed broadband access for all, regardless of race, income, or geography," Shelton and Siefer wrote.

Read the piece here.