Making District 6 CWA STRONG

At the CWA District 6 conference in St. Louis this week, CWAers heard from CWA President Chris Shelton and District 6 Vice President and head of CWA's Human Rights Program Claude Cummings, Jr., who both urged members and activists to stay focused on moving our agenda for working families forward.

Shelton recognized CWA Local 6311 for becoming one of the first locals to reach all of the CWA STRONG goals for member engagement and organizing. He also noted the importance of elections and the need to double down on political efforts heading into the crucial 2020 elections to protect our union and standard of living.

"What's become clear over the past two years is that the change we got [from Donald Trump] is policies that serve corporations, Wall Street, and the one percent, and they hurt working families," Shelton said. "He showered billions on corporations and the wealthiest Americans, but we saw barely a trickle for our members. And he encouraged offshoring by giving lower tax rates for overseas operations than operations at home, and that's why offshoring by employers, including ours, gets worse and worse."

CWA Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens, Telecommunications and Technologies Vice President Lisa Bolton, Public Sector Vice President Brooks Sunkett, District 3 Vice President Richard Honeycutt, and District 4 Vice President Linda L. Hinton were also in attendance.

CWA District 6 conference attendees rallied with workers at Dex Yellow Pages to call on the company to negotiate a fair contract.