Louisiana Lobby Day

Last week, CWA local presidents from across Louisiana gathered at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge to meet with Louisiana Senator Troy Carter. Carter has introduced a bill giving the state the ability to claw back tax incentives when corporations don’t keep the employment promises they make. CWA Local 3411 president Matt Wood testified before the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee in support of the legislation.

Front left to right: Steve Edler, President of Local 3410; Dwaine Henderson, President of Local 3403; Louisiana State Senator Troy Carter; Henry Rosenthal, Vice President of Local 3402; David Pierce, President of Local 3404; Louis Reine, Louisiana AFL-CIO President.
Back left to right: Matt Wood, President of Local 3411; David King, Vice President of Local 3412; Julian Bourg, President of Local 3412; Nick Degueyter, Vice President of Local 3406; Al Guillory, President of Local 3407; and Eric McPherson, Local Rep for Local 3414.