Local 9415 is CWA STRONG!


CWA Local 9415, based in Oakland, Calif., represents members in California and Hawaii at Legacy T, AT&T West, AT&T Mobility, Comcast, and other employers. As part of the CWA STRONG program, the local has focused their 2018 efforts on signing up new members and educating all members – from new members at DIRECTV to more senior members at Legacy T.

The local has raised its AT&T Mobility membership rate from 82% in December 2017 to more than 90% today. The local beat back a union decertification vote at Comcast, and has organized several new bargaining units this year.

Local members are embracing the systematic, coordinated strategy for building their local they learned in District 9's CWA STRONG training. The local held a first-ever stewards' training this March in Hawaii, as well as a stewards' training in Sacramento, Calif., in January, with more training sessions to come.

Local 9415 is a great example of the growing momentum in District 9's CWA STRONG program, and how CWA members are strengthening and building their union. The local's CWA STRONG efforts have been led by Coordinator Scott Turner and Organizer Yonah Camacho Diamond, with the support of Local 9415 President Coby Rhem and CWA District 9 Staff Representative Louis Rocha.

CWA Local 9415 Comcast stewards are CWA STRONG.