Local 6355 is CWA STRONG

Earlier this year, Missouri Republicans passed legislation to weaken public sector unions by making most state workers at-will employees, forcing unions to hold recertification votes every three years, making unions get annual permission from workers to withhold dues from paychecks, and more.

But members of CWA Local 6355-Missouri State Workers Union are fighting back, including ramping up their organizing with a week-long "blitz" in early August led by the local's officers and activists.

Starting with a goal to sign up at least 40 new members, they ended up with 47, and signed up nine new CWA Political Action Fund (PAF) contributors. Members of the local have been organizing at nine state social services offices and youth facilities in the St. Louis area, asking both members and non-members alike to step up and join the fight to regain the public sector collective bargaining rights that were stripped away during the last Missouri legislative session.

Those who are out to crush the public sector labor movement in Missouri have underestimated CWAers who are working to make CWA STRONG!

CWA Local 6355-Missouri State Workers Union are fighting back against Missouri Republicans' attacks on public sector unions.