Local 3181 is CWA STRONG

CWA Local 3181 represents more than 2,000 public workers in Florida.

The Florida state legislature has been targeting unions by passing legislation this year to decertify education units that have below 50% membership. CWA Local 3181 is rising to the challenge, signing up about 250 new members through their "Unbreakable" campaign over the past 11 months.

Thanks to these efforts, a majority of represented workers are now CWA members in Palm Beach County, the Village of Tequesta, and St. Lucie County School District. But CWA Local 3118 isn't resting just because units affected by this anti-union legislation are out of imminent danger. They are continuing to organize, sign up new members, and recruit new stewards and activists to make CWA STRONG.

CWA Local 3181 members are organizing, signing up new members, and recruiting stewards and activists to make CWA STRONG.