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Lead Activist Spotlight: Mitchell Deachin

August 15, 2022
Mitchell Deachin

There’s a brand new Next Gen Lead Activist in District 4, and his name is Mitchell Deachin. Mitchell is a veteran AT&T employee who joined the successful organizing campaign at the company’s IHX department in 2021 and is now a chief union steward in Local 4008 in Southfield, Michigan.

Mitchell comes from a long line of dedicated labor union members, including parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. His father is still a union welder at Ford, while most of the family got their union cards at AT&T. 

CWA News Spring 2018

Mitchell says he is eager to broaden his horizons and connect with more young workers as a Next Gen Lead. “I want to get out and learn a lot more about our community of workers and the men and women who are leading the movement.”

Welcome to the Next Gen community, Mitchell!