Labor Women Get Out the Vote!

CWA collaborated with the AFL-CIO to launch "Labor Women Get Out the Vote," a phone- and textbanking initiative during the final weeks of the 2020 elections. The nine CWA participants included new organizers, human rights activists, and call center workers. Their efforts focused on a list of union women, including women of color, living in states with key Senate races, and in areas where instances of voter suppression are rampant like Michigan, Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Throughout the project, the CWA activists heard from powerful women labor leaders and received training on racial capitalism, shifting political power, the power of women in politics, and what to expect after the election. The skills these women developed will last far beyond this election as they continue to learn and become more active in their locals! 

"This experience gave me the opportunity to meet and work with wonderful people who have a passion for doing what's right – people who have a passion for being on the right side of change and democracy. This experience will forever hold a special place in my heart for the change we created within each other and the world. There are no words that can truly describe the power of this experience," said CWA Local 3640 member Yasmeen Alston.

"The problems in this country right now can seem so huge, so exhausting to try to fix, but what I learned is that through persistence, organized resistance, and community-minded movement, even a small group of 12 people can make a difference," said CWA Local 6355 member Robyn Cottin.

CWA collaborated with the AFL-CIO to launch “Labor Women Get Out the Vote,” a phone and text banking initiative.