Judge Recommends Denial of T-Mobile's Attempt to Shirk Commitment to Hire 1,000 Workers

A proposed decision by California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Administrative Law Judge Karl Bemesderfer would deny T-Mobile's request to get out of the speed testing and job conditions the CPUC set when it approved the T-Mobile/Sprint merger in April, including a requirement to hire 1,000 new workers.

CWA filed comments with the CPUC rebutting T-Mobile's claim that the CPUC does not have jurisdiction to review wireless transactions and to impose job conditions, including the requirement that T-Mobile must have a net increase of 1,000 jobs three years post-merger. In 2018, CWA estimated that the merger was likely to eliminate 30,000 U.S. jobs, with authorized retailers and prepaid stores being hit the hardest.