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Joy and Community at Local 7799’s Queer Liberation Ball

March 20, 2023

On February 25th, CWA Local 7799 hosted its first Union Ball for Queer Liberation in Colorado Springs to bring some joy to the labor and queer community and build resilience together. Members of the five labor unions making up Local 7799 were joined and supported by members of CWA Next Gen, the Colorado AFL-CIO, IBEW Local 1111, the Colorado Education Association, the Teamsters, and more. The ball raised donations of books and other resources for the Chinook Center, a community space for grassroots organizations working for social, economic, and environmental justice.

Local 7799 Labor Ball

Local 7799 President Jade Kelly explained, “Our union aims to dismantle the idea that the issues of queer people do not involve the struggles embodied by the movements to organize labor or abolish white supremacy. Instead, we need to embrace the idea that queer liberation is where social, economic, and racial justice intersect to fight the oppressive system that keeps us all out of power and easily ignored.”

Congratulations to Local 7799 for its recent success in getting The Public Employees’ Workplace Protection Act, a vital piece of legislation to protect thousands of workers in Colorado from anti-labor retaliation moving forward through the state legislature! Follow Local 7799 on Twitter and Instagram to learn the latest news.