It’s Time to #MakeBillionairesPay!

CWAers are fighting to make billionaires pay their fair share! On Tuesday, members of CWA Local 1118 joined State Senator Jen Metzger, Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, and other allies for the announcement of a bill that would tax corporate stock buybacks in New York, raising more than $3 billion annually.

Later the same day, members of CWA Locals 1101 and 1180 rallied on Wall Street to #MakeBillionairesPay. Two AT&T Mobility workers from CWA Local 1101 talked about the devastating effects of job cuts at AT&T, which plans to spend $30 billion buying back its own stock to boost stock prices. AT&T has cut more than 37,000 jobs since the Republican corporate tax cut bill went into effect two years ago.

Although Donald Trump, Republicans in Congress, and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson pledged that the tax bill would lead to more jobs, higher wages, and greater investment, those benefits have not materialized. Instead, corporations have used their tax windfall to finance stock buybacks which benefit wealthy investors and corporate executives.

Members of CWA Locals 1101 and 1180 rallied on Wall Street to #MakeBillionairesPay.