It's Time to Hold Facebook Accountable

As Facebook comes under increased scrutiny for its handling of personal information and its disclosure of data breaches, CWA is joining the Freedom From Facebook coalition and calling on the Federal Trade Commission to hold Facebook accountable for privacy breaches and other practices that have harmed consumers and to break up Facebook's corporate monopoly.

"We should all be deeply concerned by Facebook's power over our lives and democracy," said CWA Strategic Research Associate Brian Thorn. "It's time for the FTC to hold Facebook accountable, impose strong privacy rules on the platform, and break up the monopoly. Anything else would be unfair to the American people, our privacy, and our democracy."

CWA is also shining a light on Facebook's role in age discrimination towards job applicants. In December 2017, CWA filed a class action lawsuit against multiple large employers for their use of Facebook to prevent millions of older Americans from seeing job ads.