Infrastructure Bill Will Create Good Union Jobs

Yesterday, President Joe Biden announced his plan to rebuild our country, create millions of good, union jobs in the United States, and make sure that corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Biden's American Jobs Plan includes funding to build high-speed broadband, repair our highways and bridges, build clean, electric buses, revitalize domestic manufacturing, upgrade our nation's airports, and much more. As part of the plan, Biden specifically calls on Congress to pass the PRO Act to ensure that those doing this work can join a union, and to guarantee union and bargaining rights for public sector workers. Projects funded through the plan using taxpayer dollars will pay prevailing wages, require employer neutrality in union organizing, and follow strong labor standards, ensuring that bottom-feeding contractors cannot undercut union workers.

Biden's Made in America Tax Plan reforms the tax code so that it creates incentives for investment in the United States​, no longer rewards corporations for sending jobs overseas, and restores the corporate tax rate to 28 percent.

By combining much-needed investment with a focus on increasing union representation and raising corporate tax rates, President Biden will ensure that our recovery from the pandemic helps working people first and foremost.