"I Want to Go Back Out in the World": CWA Members Share Why They Are Getting Vaccinated

Members and retirees from across our union have been sharing their reasons for getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

One common theme: getting back to normal. CWAers are eager to get back to their usual routines, to travel, and to see friends and family members – especially grandchildren! As one member put it, "I want to go back out in the world, and when it is safe, travel again. Bargain in person, eat indoors, see a movie, all the good things!"

We want to know what you think about COVID-19 vaccines, whether you have had a vaccination, plan on getting a vaccination, or do not want to get a vaccination. Take our survey at cwa.org/vaccine-survey.

Need more information about getting vaccinated or staying safe during the pandemic? Visit cwa.org/covid.