How We Can Fix Our Broken Senate

It is clearer than ever that the U.S. Senate is badly broken and needs to be fixed.

The House of Representatives has passed hundreds of bills that would help working families, but Mitch McConnell has blocked them all. Right now, tens of thousands of airline workers face layoffs and our state and local governments are grappling with enormous deficits because McConnell won't act.

Even if Democrats win the Senate next year, McConnell and Senate Republicans are prepared to use the filibuster to block every attempt to make progress on the many issues facing our nation.

It doesn't have to be that way. The Senate sets its own rules for the legislative process, and those rules are routinely updated. To strengthen our democracy, we must end the filibuster.

RSVP here to join us along with Senator Jeff Merkley and Senator Elizabeth Warren and allies from across the progressive movement on Wednesday, September 30, for a live discussion on what we need to do to end the filibuster and fix the Senate.