A Healthcare Story: How My Daughter-in-Law Inspired Me and My Call Center

Ethelyne Dianna Brooks, Executive Vice President of CWA Local 6016 in Oklahoma City, writes about how her daughter-in-law inspired her to work with her union to bring in a mobile clinic to screen members at her call center for breast cancer:

I am a member of my union's Diversity and Inclusion Committee and through my committee I decided to take action to make sure my fellow AT&T Mobility members had the opportunity to be tested for breast cancer. Because early detection is key, I worked with my union and got permission from management to bring in a mobile clinic to screen members for breast cancer. As a result, on March 21, 2018 we will have the Mammogram Mobile Services visit our call center to screen our brothers and sisters on-site for breast cancer.

Health care is so important to us all and is a great benefit that our union has fought for us to have. This is a benefit that should be given to every human being and not just the wealthy. Remember to take advantage of your union healthcare because it truly can save your life.

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