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Governor Newsom Makes Wrong Call By Vetoing California's Anti-Offshoring Call Center Bill

This weekend, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a veto of the Protect Call Center Jobs Act of 2019 (AB1677), anti-offshoring legislation that would have protected California's working families and taxpayers while adding new accountability to the process big corporations rely on to relocate customer service jobs overseas.

The bill, which passed overwhelmingly in both the California Assembly and Senate, would have required that all customer service call center work done on behalf of the State of California and paid for with California taxpayer dollars to be performed within the state of California and not in another state or overseas.

"By vetoing the state call center bill, Governor Newsom made the wrong call and sided with the CEOs of multinational corporations instead of California's working families and taxpayers," said CWA District 9 Vice President Frank Arce. "The Protect Call Center Jobs Act would have been a big step toward strengthening the job security of working families in California. Governor Newsom's veto is a missed opportunity and the wrong call for California. CWA will continue its fight to protect California jobs and workers."