Flight Attendants Call out United's Corporate Greed

Today, AFA-CWA Flight Attendants at United are joining together around the globe to protest the airline's newly-announced staffing cuts on international flights. The airline says pre-plating meals for business class passengers on these flights reduces the need for Flight Attendant staffing and matches lower standards implemented at American and Delta.

Pre-plated meals are not a substitute for Flight Attendants on planes. Flight Attendant staffing is about safety and service. Flight Attendants serve as critical first responders, preparing for the worst and planning for the best on every flight.

Airlines are making record profits. In the last two years alone, Delta, American, Southwest, and United have allocated $12 billion in profits to stock buybacks. None of those profits are being reinvested in the airline or the people on planes.

Flight Attendants are calling on United to invest in the people on United Airlines' flights – and stand up for increased staffing across the industry. The flying experience will continue to erode as long as airlines only answer to Wall Street.

United Flight Attendants are joining together around the globe to protest United's newly announced staffing cuts on international flights.