Fiscal Board of Puerto Rico Comes After Workers' Rights and Benefits

The Fiscal Board of Puerto Rico just released a letter calling for extreme and unnecessary reductions in protections for working people in Puerto Rico.

Last year, Governor Ricardo Rosselló spearheaded an effort to reduce benefits in the private sector, a reduction that has not created the jobs that the Governor promised, but instead has created hardships for thousands of Puerto Ricans. Now, the Fiscal Board wants to make Puerto Rico an at-will employment jurisdiction and eliminate all sick pay, vacation, and bonuses. The Fiscal Board was imposed by Congress, and its members are not democratically elected or representatives of the people of Puerto Rico – they represent Wall Street interests.

"As Puerto Rico faces enormous challenges rebuilding from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, CWA members will be fighting on the front lines against this awful plan to destroy our labor rights and gains with no guarantee of better and good paying jobs," said Luis M. Benitez Burgos, president of CWA Local 3010.