Fighting for $15 in Richmond

Last weekend, workers gathered at the first Fight for $15 national convention. Home care workers, fast-food cooks, child care workers, airport baggage handlers, university staff, call center workers, and many more marched on Richmond, Va., to show their bosses, corporate America and politicians that they won't be ignored anymore. It's time for $15 an hour and union rights.

Check out more photos and videos of the convention here.

TU Chief Steward Rebecca Disbrow called out T-Mobile's CEO John Legere who makes more than 500 times what an average T-Mobile worker makes. Watch here

Clockwise from top left: TU Chief Steward Rebecca Disbrow, a T-Mobile customer service representative from Idaho, stands on stage with workers from different industries. "T-Mobile's CEO John Legere makes $25 million a year – that's more than 500 times what an average T-Mobile worker makes! Is his time really so much more valuable than ours?" she asked.
CWA activists join the march on Richmond, Va.
Attendees support T-Mobile workers in their fight for fairness and a voice on the job.
Kala Saxon, Lawton, Okla., and Marie Gage, Chicago, stand up for fair pay at Envoy.