Fighting Back – and Winning – against the Corporate Cabinet

CWAers have launched a major campaign to fight back against a corporate cabinet that puts the worst of Wall Street insiders in charge of our government – and the campaign is already making progress!

The hearings of four nominees, including two that CWAers are focusing on blocking, have been delayed while they continue to be scrutinized by the Office of Government Ethics. Secretary of Labor pick Andrew Puzder – CEO of fast-food conglomerate CKE Restaurants, who opposes minimum wages and overtime, and Secretary of Treasury pick Steve Mnuchin – a former Goldman Sachs banker who tried to foreclose on the home of a 90-year-old woman for a 27-cent payment mistake, have both had their hearings pushed back.

But delaying these hearings isn't enough. We must ramp up our mobilization efforts now to block this corporate cabinet. Over the next several weeks, and for as long as it takes, CWA locals are leafleting worksites at least one day a week about these nominees. CWA members are calling their Senators, telling them to oppose these crony capitalists.

This week, our focus is Commerce Secretary pick Wilbur Ross, a billionaire known as the "king of bankruptcy," who devastated communities by buying up companies and shipping jobs overseas.

Call your Senators now at 1-888-701-7165. Tell them to block the corporate takeover of our government by opposing the nomination of Wilbur Ross for Secretary of Commerce.

Last week, thousands of CWAers joined CWA President Chris Shelton and U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) on a town hall call to discuss CWA's strategy to defeat the corporate cabinet.

President Shelton said, "We have started out this year with a big fight in front of us. These cabinet picks represent the worst of the worst – big banks and corporate titans. They’re filling the swamp with the nastiest creatures we've ever seen. These are the same people who have been trying to destroy collective bargaining to drive up their own profits."

Senator Merkley called the nominations "a parade of horrible," and said, "We need to use the opportunity of the Senate hearings to get information about these nominees into the homes of Americans."

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