Federal Contractors Organizing with CWA Strike Against Maximus

Yesterday, call center workers at federal contractor Maximus, who answer Medicare and Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace lines, went on strike for the first time in history on the 12th anniversary of the passage of the ACA. The striking workers at Maximus’ call centers in Bogalusa, La., and Hattiesburg, Miss., are fighting for livable wages, paid sick leave, and the freedom to organize a union without interference. Check out our live streams from Bogalusa and Hattiesburg.

In conjunction with the strike action, workers across the country hosted a virtual town hall to discuss the impacts of Maximus’ policies and practices on its workforce and steps the company must take to ensure justice and fairness for its employees. CWA President Chris Shelton and Reverend William Barber, along with other community leaders, participated in the town hall. Watch the recording from our virtual town hall here.

“Maximus is one of the largest federal contractors, but the company’s treatment of workers and anti-union practices absolutely do not align with the [Biden] Administration's commitment to workers,” said President Shelton. “This fight is also a fight for racial justice. Black women and other people of color make up the majority of workers at these call centers. Federal contractors like Maximus cannot talk the talk of equity and inclusion while continuing to underpay and disrespect Maximus’ workers.”

The workers have begun returning​ to work today and will deliver​ a letter of support signed by over 12,000 supporters to Maximus management letting them know that the community has their back.

Maximus workers organizing with CWA on strike for justice.