Every Voter Must Be Able to Freely Vote and We Must Count Every Vote

Just about everything in 2020 is different, and Election Day won't be an exception. COVID-19 is causing poll worker shortages in some states, which may result in poll closures and longer lines. Right-wing extremists have promised to gather at critical polling sites, with the possible intent to disrupt and intimidate voters.

The outcome of some races will not be determined on election night or even for several days afterward because so many voters are using absentee and mail-in ballots this year, which can take longer to process. There may be no clear winner on election night, or even for several days afterward.

We want to make sure you know your rights as a voter – rights that many brave activists and organizers fought for in the face of enormous risks and obstacles. Every voter must be able to freely vote and every vote must be counted.

Learn more about your rights on Election Day and what you can do to make sure that election officials count every vote here: cwa.org/know-your-rights-election-2020.