TU Members in U.S. and Germany Stand Up for T-Mobile Workers

A banner from CWA and TU activists from District 3 in the southeastern U.S. gets to TU/ver.di members at the T-Mobile call center in Dusseldorf, Germany.

TU members in the U.S. and Germany are doing everything they can to support T-Mobile USA workers in their fight for a CWA voice and rights on the job. TU is the joint union formed by CWA and ver.di, the largest union in Germany, to strengthen the voice of T-Mobile workers on both sides of the Atlantic.


ver.di members in Germany show their support for Josh Coleman, a T-Mobile USA customer service rep in Wichita, Kan., who was fired for supporting the fight for a union voice at T-Mobile.


In Germany, TU members are showing their solidarity with Josh Coleman, a customer service representative in Wichita, Kansas. Coleman was fired by T-Mobile USA, despite the fact that the allegations management made against him were later rescinded by those managers. Coleman was fired for calling back a customer, which T-Mobile USA directs employees to do, and offering customers a limited period of free Internet service, which Coleman did not do. At no time did management provide any evidence of these charges, and in fact all were withdrawn by those managers and supervisor who made them.

But Josh still was fired, and the reason seems very clear to TU members in Germany and the U.S.

Coleman is an active union supporter who has publicly supported the effort for bargaining rights in flyers, online videos and other materials. In fact, managers have discussed ways to terminate Coleman in meetings.


T-Mobile workers in Germany are shocked by this behavior by a company that in their country talks about the positive value of its partnership with workers and their union.

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