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Stamp Out Money in Politics


Stamp the money out of politics.

Here's an easy and fun way to take a stand against money in politics.

The website is part of the movement to amend the Constitution to get money out of politics and to make it clear that corporations are not people and money isn't speech. It was started by Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's ice cream fame, and has lots of supporters, including CWA allies Public Citizen and People for the American Way.

And it's 100 percent guaranteed that others will get the message. How?

StampStampede sells stamps (at cost, about $8) with several messages, including "Stamp Money Out of Politics" and "Corporations are not people, money is not free speech." When you stamp a dollar bill, which is completely legal, it will be seen by 875 people over the next 2.5 years, he estimates. Ben Cohen calls it "a petition on steroids."

Several thousand stamps already have been sold, Ben Cohen says, with ordinary Americans taking a stand against money in politics and joining the fight to return our democracy to the people.

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