Shelton: 'Will You Stand Up and Fight for Every Member of CWA?'

In his opening address, CWA President Chris Shelton pledged to spend every day for the next four years strengthening our union and rebuilding our beloved labor movement.


CWA Chris Shelton rallies delegates to stand up and fight for every CWA member.

"I lived the American Dream because I was lucky enough to have a union job, a CWA job, and CWA knew how to fight so that all its members could enjoy their piece of the American Dream...

"CWA needs each and every one of us to unite to join the fight to become a union like we have never been before, one where every member has every other member's back, one where every local joins with every other local, and there are no phony dividing lines between districts and sectors or from one occupation to another. A union where we all fight side by side in every fight, everywhere."

Read President Shelton's full speech and watch some video here.