Reuters: Deutsche Telekom Under Scrutiny Over Working Conditions at T-Mobile US

Two major investors in Deutsche Telekom, the German parent company of T-Mobile US, have expressed grave concerns about the mistreatment of the telecommunication giant's American workforce, Reuters reports.

The investors are the latest to join a growing group of U.S. lawmakers, union workers, consumers and community activists in pressuring the company to end its anti-union campaign of harassment and bullying. In two separate cases, the National Labor Relations Board found that T-Mobile has engaged in illegal work practices, and CWA has compiled a long list of instances where the company has flouted employees' rights. Yet the T-Mobile continues to ignore U.S. labor law.

One of the concerned investors, APG, had previously removed Wal-Mart from its portfolio, "citing working conditions and insufficient willingness to allow staff to unionize."

"Human capital management is very important to us," APG sustainability specialist Anna Pot told Reuters. "It is an important indicator of the quality of management."

Two of Germany's biggest daily newspapers, Die Tageszeitung and Süddeutsche, also picked up the story. They highlight that the threatened divestment of two investors is a good sign that the fight for better working conditions is gaining momentum.

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