Poll Shows Strong Support for Albuquerque Fair Workweek Act

Today the Fair Workweek ABQ campaign released poll results that demonstrate overwhelming support among Albuquerque voters for the proposed Fair Workweek Act.

Backing for the act's proposals cuts across party lines, with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents strongly supporting the measure's key points.The findings include:

  • 86 percent of voters favor allowing employees to earn up to seven sick days a year (76 percent of Republicans, 85 percent of Independents, and 97 percent of Democrats); 57 percent strongly favor this proposal.
  • 79% of voters favor requiring employers to offer additional work hours to existing qualified part-time employees before hiring more part-time or temporary workers (72 percent of Republicans, 76 percent of Independents, and 94 percent of Democrats); 52 percent are strongly in favor.
  • A strong majority of voters also favors requiring employers to promptly notify employees of changes to their work schedules and compensate employees for last-minute scheduling changes (63 percent), ensure a protected right to request schedule accommodations (68 percent), and guarantee fair compensation to employees when they are sent home early or their regular or on-call shift is cancelled (57 percent).

Third Eye Strategies conducted the poll in May.

CWA and TU continue to work with the Center for Popular Democracy, OLÉ and other community organizations to advocate for the measure.

"These poll results show how broad and deep Albuquerque's support for the Fair Workweek Act's protections goes," said Scott Forrester of the Fair Workweek ABQ campaign. "These are bi-partisan solutions that address how we can create the conditions for workers to better balance family and work. Fair workweek policies benefit businesses by driving down turnover and improving productivity – which is why many local businesses support the Fair Workweek Act. Paid sick days, predictable scheduling, and the other proposals of the Fair Workweek Act are common-sense solutions that will benefit the whole economy because the people who serve our food, teach our children, build our houses, and care for our families will be healthier, happier, and more productive."

To learn more, check out fairworkweekabq.org.