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Obama Advocates Path to Citizenship for 11 Million Immigrants

January 31, 2013

CWA commends the Obama administration on its determination to create a path to citizenship for 11 million adults and their children who contribute to the economic life of our nation every day.

The president laid out a framework of broad reform this week. It has four parts:

  1. Create a path for undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship
  2. Continue to strengthen border security with infrastructure and technology
  3. Crack down on businesses that hire undocumented workers
  4. Streamline the nation’s legal immigration system by rewarding those who play by the rules

The Senate is also working on its own immigration plan. Unfortunately the Senate majority's failure to substantially democratize the Senate rules will make it substantially harder to place legislation on the floor for discussion and debate that provides a clear, simple and quick path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants and their children.

But the president offered some hope of swift action. In his speech advocating comprehensive immigration reform, Obama encouraged senators to end its long record of obstruction and gridlock. 

“Now, of course, there will be rigorous debate about many of the details, and every stakeholder should engage in real give and take in the process. But it’s important for us to recognize that the foundation for bipartisan action is already in place,” he said in Las Vegas.  “And if Congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion, I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away.”

CWA looks forward to working with the Obama administration and members of Congress. We realize, as do all involved, that this is a complex issue and we will be focused on the details of the plan.  We must have an overall immigration process that works for working families. That’s why CWA will monitor any proposed changes to visa programs like the H-1B visa, which are sought after by business but have cost U.S. technicians and other workers tens of thousands of jobs.