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Moral Mondays

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June 13, 2013


CWA Local 3607 President Chris Myrick (above), and fifteen local members participated in the Moral Monday Witness at the North Carolina State Capital in Raleigh on June 9.


CWA activists are joining the "Moral Mondays" in North Carolina, a growing non-violent direct action targeting the state's Republican general assembly and governor.

Every Monday people are showing up outside the statehouse in Raleigh to speak out against extreme public policies, including cutting the payroll tax credit for working people, slashing state unemployment benefits and rejecting federal funds to expand Medicaid.

Last week, CWA Local 3607 President Chris Myrick and fifteen local members participated in a Moral Monday demonstration, where Rep. G.K. Butterfield showed up to support the activists and more than 60 people were arrested.

In a recent column in The Guardian, Moral Mondays leader Rev. William Barber wrote:

The appeal for each Moral Monday has been the same: urging legislators to govern for the good of the whole, rather than for the wealthy. We didn't come to this decision lightly. In fact, we made several attempts to meet with the far-right legislative leadership. Governor Pat McCrory invited us to his house for a 20-minute chat. We said we wanted to work with him to be sure he governed for the good of the whole, as the U.S. Constitution requires him to do. But it was clear he was marching to the beat of a different drummer.

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry just devoted a long segment of her show to the protests. Watch it here.