Mexico Day of Action Spotlights Attack on Workers' Rights

Washington, DC activists and CWAers, including President Larry Cohen, will demonstrate in front of the Mexican consulate next Thursday, Feb. 21, as part of a week-long, worldwide protest against the pervasive attack on workers' rights in Mexico. More than 10,000 activists will mobilize for workers' rights at embassies and consulates around the world.

Delegations will deliver a letter to Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto, spotlighting the "legacy of major unresolved labor disputes, persecution of democratic trade unionism, and the decomposition of labor relations generating an entrenched system of protection contracts that do not represent workers' true interests" left by the past administration. This includes workers' efforts to form democratic unions, particularly at Atento, where workers have sought to be members of the Mexican Telephone Workers Union (STRM), a close CWA ally.