A Movement Moment: Growing Support for Overturning Citizens United

Friday, January 13, 2012

Washington. D.C -- More than 60 organizations have now joined the effort to combat the anti-democratic corporate and special interest spending in our elections made possible by the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC (www.pfaw.org/CitizensUnited), by supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn that decision. The movement to fix the Supreme Court’s dangerously flawed decision is being supported by advocacy groups like MoveOn.org, think tanks like Demos, and a range of important allies like the Communications Workers of America (CWA) which recently became the first labor union to take up the cause. Through this effort, millions of Americans are taking action to ensure that our democracy responds to the needs of the American people, not just the bottom lines of wealthy special interests.

Under the United For the People (www.united4thepeople.org) banner, these organizations are harnessing the grassroots power of the vast majority of Americans who believe there is too much money in politics. As the second anniversary of Citizens United passes this month, the expanding network of organizations united in opposition to unchecked corporate spending in our elections is coordinating a series of actions from grassroots gatherings to rallies at courthouses and corporate headquarters across the nation to let the peoples’ voice be heard.

“Today, there are real restrictions on our ability to make our democracy work for all of us,” the Communications Workers of America said. “Corporate money in politics weakens our democracy and gives control to the 1 percent. The only way we can break through is with a broad movement of activists, and CWA is proud to join these progressive organizations as we work to take back our democracy and our country.” 

For thousands of American citizens, elected officials and progressive organizations standing together to demand a constitutional amendment to reverse the effects of Citizens United, this is a “movement moment.” Now is the time to demand that the American people - and not wealthy special interests and corporations - hold the keys to our democracy.